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Mergers, acquisitions, skill-sets, policies, preferences, heritage, operating systems; there are many reasons why a polyglot approach keeps your business moving. As enterprises switch to cloud-native, many are inevitably challenged with finding solutions that welcome many different runtimes. “I just want one platform. A place where a developer can choose the best runtime for their business needs.”

In this talk, you’ll hear a heart-warming story of tight deadlines, disparate teams, and challenging communications coming together to beat the competition to market.

Their secret? Going full cloud-native polyglot on Pivotal Application Service (PAS) and Azure, building a suite of microservices with Java, .Net, Spring Cloud Services, Steeltoe Framework, Linux, and Windows.

Attendees to this talk will leave equipped with an understanding of how PAS uses the Azure Cloud to create a secure, versatile, and resilient development environment. We’ll show how polyglot solutions can work seamlessly together using best of breed patterns and practices such as Eureka service discovery and Config Server. Additionally, we’ll use the Azure Service Broker to demonstrate quick and simple access to cloud services like Azure Storage and Azure Redis Cache.

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